Kari Pall Oskarsson

Kári Páll Óskarsson (Reykjavík, 1981) is an Icelandic writer, poet and translator. He studied English, French and comparative literature as well as translation studies at the University of Iceland and Université de Strasbourg, France. He has written three volumes of poetry in addition to editing poetry anthologies and contributing many essays, articles and reviews to various publications in Iceland. He currently lives in Berlin.  

During the residency at Córtex Frontal, he intends to continue working on a novel about political struggle, the relationship of artists with society, authenticity, tourism and other themes. The main aim is to finish a chapter inspired by events in Portugal and other European countries that came about as a result of the financial crisis a few years ago, as well as to bring the narrative into Alentejo and hopefully to conclude it.

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