Mercedes Vidal-Abarca (Vitoria, Spain) After living in different countries since she was 18 years old, she arrived in Portugal in 2008 where she studied drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics at Sociedade das Belas Artes, ARco and MArt. She considers herself more an art student than an artist. The idea of creating a cultural association for creativity and artistic research in a interdisciplinary environment came in 2014 and started functioning in 2015 under her direction. The relationship between the art projects and the council and the population of Arraiolos have been her priority and have been increasing intimately.

Nuno Félix da Costa (Lisbon, Portugal) was born in Lisbon, where he lives and works, both as clinical psychiatrist and teacher at the Medical School of the University of Lisbon.
His first exhibition of paintings took place in 1983, in the Lisbon gallery Módulo. Still in 1983, he published his first photographic book, ‘Retratos de Hábito’ (Portraits of Habit), where he attempts a poetic photographic discourse on aspects of the Portuguese cultural identity.
He has never ceased to explore and parody the equivocal strong documentary value generally granted to photographic images, through the use of different techniques such as the mixing of chemical manipulations and subtractions on images, and the use of painting over their surface, often choosing to subordinate the images to a pictorial development.
He is currently immersed in various photography projects that involve exhibitions and books in 2019/2020. He also publishes poetry since 1993.