Arraiolos is a small, white and blue Alentejan town. It is situated 120 km far from Lisbon, surrounded by plains, oak and olive tree forest.
It´s famous for its circular castle, embroidered wool rugs and carpets. Arraiolos rugs have been made since the Middle Ages.
As Arraiolos is the capital of a larger 7.800 inhabitants region, it concentrates many institutions and civil/social services:

Public library
Open daily 10h00-13h00 / 14h00-18h00 Sat 10h00-13h00

CITA Tapestry Museum

Tapestry offices

Public swimming pool
Open from June to September

Other services in Arraiolos are:
Open air sport circuit with fitness machines
Healthcare center
2 Supermarkets
Local market
Cafés, bars and restaurants
Bus stop
Local school
Music school

Local Event Calendar
January: Janeiras (Christmas choir songs)
February: Local Carnival parade.
March: Slaughter of pig (matanza).
Easter: Catholic processions all over the town.
25 April: Anniversary of the Portuguese revolution.
June: Tapestry festival.
July: Sao Buenaventura fair.
August: Local celebrations in villages and towns around Arraiolos.
November: Gastronomic fair of Arraiolos.
December: Christmas.

The best months of mild weather are: April, May, October, November.
June, July, August and September can be quite hot during the day (35ºC or more), however nights are usually fresh and cool. That means that mornings are also fresh and it takes some hours to become hot again.
Anyway, summer is a good time to work at Córtex Frontal because the house is fresh so heat hours are perfect for working at home.
Artists can also go to the public swimming pool or work at the public library (with AC).

Arround Arraiolos

Convento dos Loios

Barragem da Oleirita


Old town

Fundação Eugénio de Almeida
Museu de Évora
Sociedade harmonia Eborense
Fonte de letras bookshop
Escola de Artes de Évora
A capela dos ossos

Cromeleque dos Almendres

Cromeleque do Monte das Fontainhas

See this map for more megalithic monuments in Alentejo


Marble quarry

Saturday market



Colecção António Cachola

Forte da Graça



O espaço do tempo

Oficinas do Convento

Gruta do Escoural

Vila Viçosa

Paço Ducal and marble quarries


Aldeia daLuz:


Roman ruins of Saint Cucufate

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