The Artist-In-Residence programme aims to bring together artists from different countries and disciplines for a concentrated period of 3 weeks to 3 months.

There are 2 modalities for being a resident artist at Córtex Frontal:
1 By invitation (no fee required)
2 By application (fee required)

Generally there are 3 or 4 artists sharing the residency at the time. Could be more or less depending on the season.

Residency structure
This is a self directed residency where artists work in a self oriented and independent way. However, if needed, organisators and support committee members will help to give a direction/timing to projects, technical support and feedback.

Study trips and workshops
The residency will organise weekly cultural visits or trips around Arraiolos and Alentejo for our resident artists. Artists will be informed about trips and prices (non commercial prices) upon arrival.

For artists interested in the traditional embroidery techniques in Arraiolos we can organise a workshop in a local tapestry office.

Showing your work
Arranged on a case by case basis and depending on your time/plans we will be happy to show your work-in-progress or final work in an Open Studio event, concert etc.

Giving lectures/workshop
We can organise a lecture or workshop so resident artists can share their knowledge with the local community.

Workgroups in residence (up to 15 people) for short, mid or long term are welcome.
Thematic residencies, seminars, masterclasses and conferences, with or without accommodation, can be organised. Meeting and projection rooms can be arranged in the house.
Printing and dance groups in residence can be accommodated in the house and could work in the printing office and dance studio (located out of the house but walking distance).